CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE), 1993, 1998  

Congo Brazzavillle 1993
'Animaux de la Prehistoire'.

75 F., Ichthyostega, 95 F., Archaeopteryx, 120 F., Brachiosaurus head ( Diplodocus in the background),
200 F., Tyrannosaurus, 250 F., Pteranodon.
Miniature sheet, 400 F., Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus on the margin.
Issue date: 20-th of August.
C a t a l o g u e    n u m b e r s
Michel  1398-1402, 124 Stanley G  
Yv et Tel  986L-986Q, ? Scott  1043-1048

The Diplodocus is after Z. Burian, as is the Tyrannosaurus in the background.
Pteranodon is labelled Pterandonte,
Brontosaurus should be Apatosaurus.

Congo Brazzaville overprints
1998, overprint multiple 'AUTORISÉ'.
200 Fr., Tyrannosaurus, 250 Fr., Pteranodon.
The late nineteen nineties were chaotic times in the Congo. Rebels / warlords took control over parts of the country, and seized significant quantities of valid stamps. To prevent these from being sold or used, the central government had their stock of stamps overprinted, and declared stamps without overprint invalid. Different overprints exist, there are also stamps overprinted 'LEGAL'.
C a t a l o g u e    n u m b e r s
Michel  1526, 1530 Stanley G  
Yv et Tel  1076K, 1076N Scott  

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