FUJEIRA, 1968  

Fujeira 1968
Prehistoric animals.
15 Dh., Dimetrodon, 25 Dh., Triceratops, 50 Dh., Plateosaurus,
75 Dh., Stegosaurus, 1,50 R., Allosaurus.
Air mail: 1 R., 2,50 R., 3 R., 4 R., 5 R., as above but without white margin.
Issue date: 16-th of September.
C a t a l o g u e    n u m b e r s
Michel  252A-261A Stanley G  Not listed
Yv et Tel  Set 78,
 set 18 air mail

Also imperforate, not in my collection.
After R. Zallinger.
The Dimetrodon is actually Edaphosaurus.
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