YEMEN (NORTH), 1971  

Yemen (North) 1971
'Conquest of Mars - Space 70';
Imperforate miniature sheet, 6 B. 'Mars photon rocket' and Galileo's trial on the stamp, Neanderthal man, Iguanodon, and stromatolites in 'Umbrian Sea' at right.
Issue date: 15-th of June.
C a t a l o g u e    n u m b e r s
Michel  166 Stanley G  Not listed.
Yv et Tel  134 Scott  Not listed.

Neanderhal man after Z. Burian.
Arabic is read from right to left, so the images are in chronological order.
Iguanodon did not live 200 million years ago, as suggested by the caption '200 Million years - The Great Saurians'.
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