MALTA, 2009  

Malta 2009
Definitive issue, history of Malta.
1 c., fossil Elephas falconeri dwarf elephant skeleton.
Part of a set consisting of 17 values, issued in sheets of 10 and in collective sheet.
Issue date: 29-th of December.
Since 2009, this value has been reprinted twice, in 2011 and in 2015. The sheets of ten can be distinguished by the Malta Post logo in the upper border at left.
Also, the colour of the skeleton differs slightly, pale pinkish brown in 2009, reddish brown in 2011, and orange-brown in 2011.
Malta 2009
2009 Malta Post logo.
Malta 2011
2011 large Malta Post logo.
Malta 2015
2015 small Malta Post logo.
Single stamps can also be reliably assigned to the three different print runs by examining the text 'Pleistocene period' at top left with a hand lens.
On the 2009 stamps the text font differs, and the letters are bolder. This is particularly clear for the 'c' the 'e', and the 's'.
The 2011 and 2015 print runs have the same font, but on the 2015 stamps the text is closer to the stamp margin.
Finally, the line of text on the 2009 stamps is slightly shorter than on the 2011 and 2015 stamps.
Malta texts
C a t a l o g u e    n u m b e r s
Michel  1612 Stanley G  
Yv et Tel  1559 Scott  1383

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